Join us in winning the 13th Congressional District for our Future!


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I am Jamie Culley, and I am seeking your support in my bid to fill the open seat for the 13th Congressional District in the Great State of Texas!

As a Native Texan with over 150 years heritage in North-Central Texas, I was born in Wichita Falls, Texas. In 2006, I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Business 

Administration from University of Phoenix. I am a strong supporter of the military with my husband having served, and one of my children serving on active duty in the US Navy.

Currently, I am a business development consultant, helping businesses of all sizes compete for Federal, State and local contracting opportunities. 

As a life-long Republican, the application of my Judeo-Christian Values closely aligns with those of the Texas Republican Party, the State of Texas, and the citizens throughout the 13th Congressional District.

- Jamie




Supporting Pro-Life, anti-abortion legislation in all circumstances. All life is a precious gift from God who knits us in the womb. With all the options available to prevent a pregnancy from occurring, the option of taking the life of a living, completely defenseless individual should not be considered a viable option. One must keep in mind that it is not the fault of the child, no matter the circumstances of conception. Life is a precious gift and it needs to be treated as such. 


Strong supporter of First Amendment rights and the Free Speech protection it guarantees. Efforts to silence opposition viewpoints is why we have this right so clearly guaranteed.

Strong supporter of Second Amendment rights and the right to Bear Arms afforded the citizens of this country. This right is guaranteed to ensure a tyrannical government can be resisted by the people. This amendment is not about the right to hunt, it is about the right to remain free and to resist a government out of control. 

Demands Government Accountability. Ethics and civil discourse must never be sacrificed for convenience and personal gain.

Strong supporter of our military and those who serve.

Strong supporter of our critical First-Responders, Police and Fire Fighters.

Strong supporter of our military facilities, including the men and woman who impact the daily operations of Sheppard Air force Base.

Strong supporter of Agriculture/Ranching, Cattle, and Energy Economic Sectors that impact daily life in this district, including Oil, Natural Gas and other natural resources.


 Strongly opposed to Cap-and-Trade legislation and resulting "Carbon Tax" originally introduced under the Obama Administration and the overreach of Climate Change extremists attempts to use this issue as a means to move the country to a socialist/communist central control in direct opposition to free market creative forces. 

Strongly opposed to the belief that Climate change is a non-debatable issue.

Strongly opposed to Illegal Immigration. Individuals seeking to come to our great country must not let their first act be a criminal one. The processes are in place to ensure we have the right to control how people come into our nation.  

Strongly opposed to over-regulation of business and trade.

Strongly opposed to efforts to redefine Marriage to be something other than a Sacred Union between a Man and a Woman. 

Strongly opposed to efforts to illegally attempt to redefine the meaning of our basic Bill of Rights and amendments as written. The current political environment demonstrates strong efforts from liberal organizations to weaken both the 1st and 2nd Amendments which will open the floodgates to the elimination of  the other 24 active amendments. Historically, 27 amendments have been Ratified, with only one, (the 18th,  prohibiting the manufacture or sale of alcohol) being repealed by the 21st.